Converting .doc to epub

I used to convert an old psychology stats report in .doc to epub format for my first assignment in my Web-based documentation course at Algonquin college.

(screenshot obtained from

This is what I noted to my professor about the conversion process:


  • The conversion process is quite simple and easy.
  • There is a list of target Ebook readers to choose from.
  • It provides the option of changing the Ebook title and author
  • It provides the option of adding a border
  • It provides the option of embedding font
  • For advanced users, they could play around with the input encoding and the ASCII output.


  • The Ebook publication did not publish my word file with its formatting (font, spacing, margins, etc)
  • The tables within my word file were not published as figures, but as text.

After converting my Word file into the Epub format, I realized why offered what seemed like many options for the user to choose from before starting the conversion process. is certainly a useful tool and I may use it again in the future, however, I wouldn’t use it for complex documents that have tables, figures and such graphic elements.