What started out as a passion for writing and editing in high school turned into a BA in English literature, along with a minor in Psychology from Carleton University (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) in 2010. Throughout my high school and university years, I gained valuable work experience through various volunteer and work positions as an amateur freelancer. Upon completing my BA, and not wanting to pursue higher learning in English literature, I decided to take a more technical turn. I trained as a professional technical writer by completing Algonquin College’s excellent graduate certification program and learning from their fabulous instructors.

I am particularly interested in end-user documentation because I’m very passionate about delivering scientific information to the non-technical audience in a meaningful way, while increasing my own personal knowledge base. In addition to user manuals and help applications, I love developing style guides because nothing bothers me more than inconsistent documents and the subsequent impact on a company’s brand and image! I am artistic by nature and take that aptitude into document design.

On a personal level, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful family, and when I’m not busy with school and work, I enjoy catching up on personal reading, and long bike rides and walks in nature. I hope to travel the world to step outside my comfort zone for enriching and spiritual experiences.


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